Day 8: Practical + La Troquet [Part 2]

Bonjour friends!

So continuing from where Jancy left off, I had to rush off to my second practical immediately after the demonstration. The way it works in LCB is that you have to be at any class 15 minutes prior to the start of lesson. Unfortunately for us, demonstration ended at about 305/310pm, and the class A people still needed to get dressed and get all our equipment required for the day.

After running up 3 floors, we found that Chef Cotte was in an extremely bad mood. I had just missed the scene of him throwing a whole lot of butter into the sink, missing it, and then it hitting the floor. And to think that he’s known to be one of the more patient chefs.

Everyone got to work immediately and the mood was much quieter than the day before. I guess Chef’s temperament plus the slightly more tricky nature of this pastry put everyone in focus. In no time, mostly everyone was done with their dough and had began peeling and de-coring their apples. I, on the other hand, was still kneading my dough. I would like to think that my size gives me less strength?

It’s not like I was lagging far behind because soon enough, my diced apples were on the stove too, softening. Here came the tricky part. About four-five people had their apples burnt, and needed to restart the whole process. Quite unfortunate cos you’d have to peel and de-core the apples one more time!

When we removed our chilled dough from the fridge, we found that it was EXTREMELY hard and difficult to roll out. I was using all my might and strength, pushing so hard on the dough surface. Chef Cotte saw me from opposite (he was helping Yvonne roll hers out) and told me to wait for him to come. He said some things in French about him being the ‘Big Mama’ chef, and proceeded to help me with rolling out of the dough. Yvonne and I figured that we looked too small to handle the hard dough.

We had our tarts filled with apples and proceeded to slice the apples super thinly, and then arrange it on our tarts. I ended up slicing my thumb and my index finger without realizing it! Guess it’s a good lesson to note that the Wushof knives are really very sharp. Both cuts wouldn’t stop bleeding but I just kept washing it and hoped that it’d dry.

After arranging the tarts, we had them chucked in the oven. Chef proceeded to teach us how to roll piping bags out of parchment paper. We spent the baking time doing that.

I am very pleased with the way my tart turned out! Chef gave me two big hugs for it hehe. (He’s really big though, he kinda carried me while hugging me)

I walked back home, satisfied with my 20cm tart, and took many nice photos before slicing it up into quarters. 20130628_184220


Jancy and I made reservations at this nice restaurant La Troquet. It’s a Michelin-starred restaurant and we must say the food really met our expectations. On the way there, we stopped by Chinese takeaways and distributed my tart + our sables.

The way it is in Paris, as in most other parts of France, is that you have a fixed set dinner of Appetizer, Main and Dessert. What you need to do is choose each component. Jancy decided to be adventurous, picked ‘Surprise #1’ for her appetizer (basically she had no idea what it’d turn out to be), Swordfish for her main, and some ‘Surprise #3’ with cherries and ice-cream (that’s all we could decipher from the broken translation on the menu). I was safe as always, got salmon sashimi to begin, mackerel for my main, and mango + passionfruit panna cotta to end. We’d both recommend anyone to head to La Troquet for a good meal. It is slightly more expensive than the other menus you get around. But quality is king, afterall.

20130628_200949 20130628_201317 28062013Jancy’s reaction when she saw her first surprise

20130628_212700We were so full after dinner, we decided to take a nice spontaneous walk to the Eiffel. It was merely a 2.4km walk away. We reached there at about 955pm, just in time to catch the Eiffel sparkle for 5 minutes at 10pm. It was a pretty magical sight, and nice to be able to share it with someone who’s now very special to me!20130628_215302 The view of the Eiffel on our way there20130628_220045 28062013 (2)
Yes, it’s really bright at 10pm!!!

Took a nice 3km ish walk back to our apartment, showered, and then snuggled into bed.

It was a very long day!



P.S. Sorry for the huge delay in posting!

P.P.S Jancy was typing ‘Eiffel Tower’ and it came out at ‘Eiffel Towel’. I love my roomie.


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